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In 2016 WilliamHill Online undertook an ambitious ‘lift and shift’ of its online brand and its range of verticals; from sports book to gaming. Rather than having a complimentary cross-selling relationship between sports betting and gaming there were significant problems for customers wanting to switch between verticals, products and destinations with many broken journeys resulting in high-drop off rates and frustration.

The challenge was to enable customers to move across and enjoy using other parts of the WilliamHill Online eco-system and enjoy the thrill and benefits of WilliamHills extensive and diverse gaming verticals. The key issues were  to enhance the customer’s ease of moving between verticals, improve journeys and customer experience, to design a consistency of navigation and to update the visual design and brand appeal to millennials.

There was an opportunity to take the customer on a journey from ‘skill-based’ and ‘passion’ motivated sports betting to experiences in gaming that aligned with the user’s interests and behaviours to deliver content that was relevant and salient.

I’m passionate about sports and tend to back my team every week and I enjoy e-Sports where I can indulge my passion for my team. I like games related to the sports I like feel passionate about.

The established UX design of key journeys was disconnected with broken journeys, resulting in poor customer experiences and low NPS score. Our goal was to create a series of intuitive and connected  journeys across different verticals making it easy for the user to switch between product destinations based on the users mode and goals. I worked across teams in sports book and gaming supporting cross-selling initiatives and supported visual design initiatives and UX design across several verticals.

Applying Design Thinking

Part of my remit was to introduce design thinking, and user centred design principles, into the UX design teams based in Gibraltar. I was also responsible in introducing collaborative working using design thinking in sprints. Furthermore I was responsible for setting up attitudinal and user research workshops, recruiting and screening customers and I undertook user testing and research in London.

WilliamHill Live Casino

Towards the latter half of the engagement I focused on gaming, working on a range of projects including TV and Web campaigns and I led a design team working on the new visual design for the Live Casino vertical. I worked with a visual designer and a product owner as well as front and back dev team in a ‘tribe’.  I was responsible for all user research and undertook extensive user research working in sprints that were two weeks ahead of the developers to resonance test new concepts and journeys before committing to development work using React.js

We have delivered a strong result in 2017, reflecting our focus on rejuvenating online, growing the U.S. and building an attractive omni-channel proposition”, Chief Executive Philip Bowcock said.

The results speak for themselves with good progress against strategic priorities

  • Both Online and Retail growing at or above market growth rates
  • Online: double-digit growth in both Sportsbook and Gaming net revenue
  • Increased revenue to £1.711B (billion) and adjusted operating profit for 2017 rose 11% year-on-year, ahead of analysts’ expectations, helped by the improvements undertaken to the online business and favourable sporting results.
  • US net revenue up 29% and adjusted operating profit up 24%







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