I began designing for the web and new media in 1995 and then moved quickly into digital, e-commerce and business transformation using service design thinking.

I began my career in product design in the UK and soon began to focus on user experience design and interaction design, user and contextual research, envisioning, speculative design and design strategy.My research interests are focused on innovation, usability, service design, experience design, IoT and project management.I  enjoying attending international conferences, events and I undertake short courses.

I graduated from the following universities:

University of Strathclyde (2000)

  • Master of Science in CAED 

Manchester Polytechnic (1988)

  • BA(Hons) Industrial Design (1988)
  • Foundation Course in Art and Design (1984) 

E.N.S.C.I. – Les Ateliers (1987)

  • ERASMUS international exchange student

Short Courses


  •  Enterprise Design Thinking (Coaching and Leadership)


  • Design Thinking (Train-the-Trainer)
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