I’m an advocate of evidence-based decision making, human centred design, and lean approaches using ResearchOps, DesignOps along side DevOps to work at speed and scale as part of an agile delivery process.

I have extensive experience in:

Design Thinking – applying Human Centred Design (HCD) and evidenced-based decision making to develop desirable, feasible and viable products and services. 

DesignOps – building and scaling design cultures, practices to measure and amplify the value of design.

Contextual and Ethnographic Research – applying a range of research approaches to understand user motivations, values, behaviours and need.

Usability Research – planning and undertaking usability testing to gather qualitative and quantitive data that is attitudinal and behavioural using a range of techniques to measure and evaluate product and service features and functionality.

Service Design (SERD) – Applying the Stage Model to define CX and Platform Capability using service and systems thinking to identify change candidates in the value chain.

User Experience Design (UX) – designing for use, usability, desirability and relevancy.

User Interaction Design (UI) – designing interfaces, visual design systems and digital brand identifies.

Product Design (PD) – Designing digital products by defining value proportions, feature sets and functionality and performance requirements, success criteria and key indicators.

Strategic Design & Innovation – Applying Business Design techniques and Blue Ocean Principles to define new business models and capabilities.

Applying Agile Principles – Delivering at speed and scale through the collaborative effort of self-organizing and cross-functional teams and their customer/end user.

Lean Start-Up – Building radial new businesses, products and services.




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