With 20+ years experience as designer and design leader, I design services, user experiences,  products and lead digital transformation strategies for both start-ups and corporations.

I have a rich range of project experience gained by working in diverse sectors with top tier global corporations and start-ups in the USA, Europe, China and Australia.

If you have a project that you would like to discuss please contact me via the contact form on this site.


I have a proven track record working with start-ups to develop new products and services often  boot-strapping as they scale. As an angel investor and design strategy lead I enjoy the challenges of working in lean agile environment. In the recent past I have invested in start-ups in the UK and USA. Please take a look at Plum and eziconex.com for examples of project experience.


As an academic I have developed the first BFA/MFA in Service Design in the USA and I’ve created ground breaking undergraduate and postgraduate curricula in HCD, Product Design, Experience Design, Innovation & Design Management in the UK, USA and SE Asia. Please take a look my academic and teaching experience for more details.