Prototypia – Creating Disruptive Services at Speed and Scale 

Seismic shifts in the era of digital and cognitive computing that includes artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, IoE and born in the cloud apps, means that we have to deal with increasing complexity and constant change as technology continues to disrupt every sector. From small, lean challenger start-ups to large, agile incumbents, the need to transform is constant and relentless in marketplaces that have become “asymmetrical”. 

The era of big-bang releases based on detailed requirements to deliver the ‘utopian’ ideal of the perfect product or service is dead.Instead, successful organisations strive for a state of “prototypia” –  a flexible and adaptable operational and organisational state that embraces ambiguity and uncertainty in fluid marketplaces to create new business models, novel products and disruptive services. They do this by embracing an ethos of “learning though doing” that is achieved by constantly, researching and understanding, prototyping and evaluating, building and testing, releasing and measuring.

My talk will focused on how the “prototypia” organisation is responsive and adaptable by using ‘atomic principles’ in their approaches to research, design and development in the form of “Research Operations” (ResOps), “Design Operations” (DesOps) and “Development Operations” (DevOps). In so doing, these organisations are able to create flexible and adaptive organisations using “Ops” to deliver innovative and relevant customer-centric services and new products at much greater speed in “asymmetrical” marketplaces.

Highly experienced and award winning Service, UX, UI and Digital Designer transforming businesses using HCD principles and contextual research to deliver engaging and innovative solutions in the service-digital continuum. With a rich range of project experience I have worked in diverse sectors with top tier global corporations and start-ups in the USA, Europe, China and Australia. Project and client experience includes: AMP, Chic-Fil-A, GM, Nissan, The Saudi Ministry of Health, Standard Chartered Bank, VTech Holdings and many more. I work within teams using WAgile, Agile, Scrum and Kanban methodologies, always advocating a lean approach to service design,UX design and software development. I enjoy disruptive business transformation working to deliver seamless omni-channel experiences that create experience, service and brand equity. I have a proven track record in successful boot-strapping, scaling and I'm willing to put my money on the table as an angel investor. As an academic I developed the first BFA/MFA in Service Design in the USA and ground breaking undergraduate and postgraduate curricula in HCD, Product Design, Experience Design, Innovation & Design Management in the UK, USA and SE Asia. Interests and experience in delivering: Service Design Business Transformation UI Design UX Design User Centred Design Ethnography Anthropology Insights Rapid Prototyping User Testing Co-Design Workshops Human Centred Design Methods (LUMA) Web & Digital Tech Internet of Things Strategy & Planning Disruptive Innovation Incremental Innovation Open Innovation Collaborative Design Entrepreneurship Start-Ups Product Design Product Identity Branding & Identity Design Strategy Semantics Design Guidelines Agile I use: Adobe Creative Cloud Omnigraffle Axure Sketch Slack Trello Jira Invision Google Docs Dropbox Enterprise Keynote, Prezio, PPT Legal bit: All views are my own and copyright remains with the originators of any share stories.

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