Angel Invester

As an Angel Investor, I have a proven track record working with start-ups to develop new products and services often  boot-strapping as they scale.

I enjoy the challenges of working in lean agile environment. In the recent past I have invested in start-ups in the UK and USA. Please take a look at Plum and for examples of project experience.

The latest projects I am involved in include the IXSD.Academy and LOKAL.

IXSD Academy™

The IXSD Academy™ help organisations and people unleash their creative potential to deliver innovation at speed. Through our short courses and immersive workshops we deliver short courses and workshops in a range of subjects and we are adding more each month. We teach and coach people using our IXSD Active Learning™ methodology using immersive workshops that are highly energised. To learn more about our courses or to discuss a workshop please or request a call back (Network charges may apply depending upon you service provider). Or use this link to get more information 


LOKAL™ is a new way of living and working in the city that is convenient and lifestyle oriented. The LOKAL™brand includes EAT.LOKAL™, WORK.LOKAL™ and LIVE.LOKAL™.

EAT.LOKAL™are restaurants and places to enjoy local organic foods using locally sourced ingredients. WORK.LOKAL™  provides work spaces that include hot desks, collaborative work spaces and offices.   LIVE.LOKAL™ are beautifully designed micro apartments for people looking for convenient city living.

We are in the start-up phase and planning stages while we talk with potential investors and seek suitable space for our pilot in Manchester. As we demonstrate proof of concept we intend to roll-out and scale LOKAL™ across the UK and EU and eventually the world. To discuss how you can invest or get involved please contact me here for an informal discussion

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