I worked with co-founders Utz Baldwin and Glen Burchers to develop the world’s smartest lighting system for the home. The Plum lightpad is affordable and easy to use with an App that enables the user to control their lights and other connected devices (such as HVAC and sockets) in the home via their smart phone and WiFi.

I led the team in an agile and lean UX process that started with in depth  user research. We identified what people wanted and needed from a new generation of products for the home that leveraged connectivity, ambient intelligence and the smart phone as an interface. I developed a service ecology, the user experience and designed the App with a small team working in the UK and USA.

At Plum, based in Austin Texas, we developed an innovative  product ecology and platform-as-a-services for the smart connected home that is highly scaleable and benefits from being part of the open-source community. The product are easy to install and intuitive to use while the app enables the user to connect many products via WiFi to form a home network where each device can be controlled from a smart phone and data fed to a cloud based analytics software.


Having won Demo in 2012 and $1M, Plum then secured $300K in pre-orders and then went on to raise funding through Microsoft Ventures and TechStars. The company is now focused on being a key player in the Internet of Things (IoT) sector, in a market that is estimated to be worth $1.4 Trillion by 2022.

Plum has built a finished product that has the quality and user-experience that you would expect of something coming from Apple.

Frank G., Austin, TX






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