EE are undergoing a transformation as a Telco to become a Techco that is able to offer customers a range of data driven integrated services and connected devices that support people and individuals in their busy lives. As Design Tribe Lead I helped lead the strategy and implement new services and ecosystems.

I supported a number of tribes in services of service vision, blueprinting the new services and ensuring teams adopted new processes and practices as EE adopted design thinking and human centred design approach that used evidenced based decision making and agile principles to deliver change and transformation with velocity.

Here you see see the service design community use of service patterns to enable service components and blocks to be re-used as we scaled with speed. In using service patterns, the squads an tribes were able to share journeys, data and APIs to develop truly integrated and connected services.

EE Smart Home Security powered by Verisure

This was a new service using a subscription based model and a third party devices and service that leverages the EE customers account profile to deliver a seamless service from exploring to ordering and installing. Users are able to control their home security from wherever you are in the world. With one transparent monthly subscription that puts themin control of monitoring their home.

EE customers can choose from several bundles featuring a range of home security devices and accessories – all connected wirelessly using EE mobile and broadband services powered by BT.

This was the first ‘smart’ home services to be rolled out as EE transition from being a traditional Telecommunication company to become a consumer technology services company that leverages and make us of their customer’s data to provide integrated and seamless services from broadband to smart connected devices to payment and finance.

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