Clef is a start-up in the Bay Area that has developed a very secure access, payment and encryption technology. Clef’s mobile app replaces usernames and passwords using your smartphone.

When you use Clef, you create a digital key that never leaves your phone. Clef uses that digital key to generate a new signature every time you log in then sync with Clef Wave to send your signature and identify yourself. The Clef app generates a public and private key.

With Clef, the often painful process of logging into a site feels, admittedly, a little bit magicalNicole Perlroth, Cybersecurity & Privacy, NYTimes

The private key stays on the phone to generate signatures that uniquely identify you. With all the important details distributed to your phone, nothing in the Clef database can compromise your identity. After you sync the Clef Wave, your digital signature is sent to Clef. Clef verifies the signatures and connects to the site’s server using OAuth 2.0. You’re logged in!

I led a small design team, working with MUCHO , in San Francisco, in an innovation bootcamp for CLEF that lead to huge impacts on their business. We worked closely with the CLEF team, thought leaders and angel investors to create an innovation road-map using Doblin’s Ten Types of Innovation methodology to identify where there were opportunities to be disruptive. We used identified key features and used an agile methodology to launch its MVP and scale.

CLEF is easy to implement and can be used on hosted sites, such as WordPress and with third parties. Its new payment system makes paying online, using your mobile phone, easy and secure. Visit their site here

For a more detailed description of CLEF please take a look at the video.

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