AMP was established 160 years ago and is one of Australia’s oldest and leading financial services companies. Today they are a leading specialist wealth management company in Australia and New Zealand managing more than $50 Billion is peoples assets.

AMP needed a new strategy in a customer-centric digital world.


As Lead Designer I was tasked with rethinking and re-inventing retirement. The project was a key strategic piece in redefining a customer centric approach that will help people prepare for their future by being in control of their finances today.

The result was a service ecology of online apps and services that enabled people to explore, act and track their money by setting goals.

Participatory and Co-Design Workshops

Using contextual research and co-design tools as part of an HCD process we worked with customers in a series of participatory workshops. The insights from our extensive and in depth research informed new strategies and approaches to retirement and money management.


Based on our psychographic profiling we identified the behaviours, attitudes and needs of people and developed a series of personas to help the team and the organisation to understand our target customers.

Winning in Retirement

We found that most people are unable to understand how much money they needed in retirement and what that money will provide in terms of lifestyle an choices in retirement.

Helping people think through tomorrow by connecting to what’s relevant today

Retirement is not about being old and stopping work. Research shows that people are choosing to change careers in their fifties and have no intention of slowing down. Instead people of starting ‘second lives’ and living longer.

However, people need help with their finances today and connecting it with their tomorrow. So to help people to envision and plan for the future we developed a tool to help the customer simulate their life in retirement based on their goals. We then offered different strategies to help the customer achieve goals.

People like to:

Set Goals

Start with today and let people set goals for the near future so they can achieve important long term goals. People can easily focus on short goals but allow them to expand further if they want. Some long term goals are clear but people have a positive bias and do not acknowledge potential negative futures like poor health. 

Compare Scenarios

People like to make comparisons of products and services using scenarios based on their income and lifestyle choicesThey should be able to explore  multiple scenarios in order to compare and consider their options.

Picture all their wealth

People want to base decisions by having all the facts. This means seeing their assets, income and spending in one place.   Customers want to be able to adjust and play with multiple variables: income (salary, rental income), out-goings (credit cards, bills, mortgage) and their assets (super, term deposits, shares, property).

People don’t like sharing personal information

Personal without being intrusive. People don’t always want to share all their information straight away and trust takes time. Using just several pieces of data we could model statistical data and make assumptions. People can then choose to customise information to make it personal. 

Explore different options

People want to explore their options and assess the pros and cons before making a decision and committing money to a strategy or purchasing a product offering such as insurance.

A Retirement Simulator

At the core of the online service ecology is a dashboard featuring a numerous web apps. We designed a retirement simulator to explore income and lifestyle in retirement based on a customers current circumstances, investments, saving strategies coupled with their  risk appetite. The app  enables customers to import their financial information and use it to simulate different retirement scenarios and explore investment and saving options that are suited to their lifestyle and and income.





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