I worked on a major account in the Middle East, as Principal Designer with EY-Seren , leading a team on a large programme of work. The programme consisted of  5 teams with 27 Researchers and Designers whose remit was to develop new organisational structures, policies, operating procedures, systems and services for both the Ministery of Labour and Health in Saudi Arabia.

I led the design and research strategy to transform the organisational structure, operating model, systems and protocols in the Executive Office of the the HE the Minister of Health.


The Ministry of Health (MOH) objective is to deliver a high quality, integrated and comprehensive healthcare service to the citizens and residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Through the current strategic plan, the Ministry of Health has implemented modern methodologies in providing health care services that makes the health system completely devoted to the health care of patients using a patient-centered health care system that aims to meet patients’ health needs in the right place at the right time.


Leading a team consisting of ethnographic researchers, service designers and UX designers we developed a range of operational and administrative improvements that increased efficiency, communications and transparency in the office of HE the Minister of Health.

Service Design and Research

During the research phase we utilised a range of tools including:
Stakeholder Mapping
Expert Interviews and Staff Interviews
Contextual Inquiry
Channel Safari
Stakeholder Workshops
Data Flow Mapping
Task Flow Mapping
Customer Journey Mapping
Experience Mapping
Service Blueprinting


We used contextual inquiry techniques to identify stakeholders, actors, tasks, work-flows, the environments, processes, systems and information in the service ecology of HE executive office.

The team also undertook exercises in mapping customer journeys, experiences and cultural norms through the Ministry to develop a new operating model and organisation that we sensitive to cultural norms while delivering optimised services and efficiency.

Diagram of Protocols Attributes

Task Flow



Infographic of Meeting Topography